Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well, the time has come in my life to make some changes. I have decided this morning that I am retiring from designing. I am working more hours doing speech therapy (which I LOVE!), Pretty Scrappy closed...and there is drama surrounding that (don't love THAT), and my family really comes first. It is just time to step away. Perhaps I will chime in here to let you know about other pursuits... in fact, today we are setting up bird feeders in the yard, so I will be bird watching soon. So, for all of those who have purchased my designs, all of you who have been on my creative team, all of you who have left messages of support...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. It has been fun while it lasted!

My last day selling my designs will be April 1st.

Take care!

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renka20 said...

I will miss designing with you, Erika. :-(