Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So this is my life... (not stamping related)

A day in the life of me:

So, today is playgroup day...the day I can count on getting out of the house. RJ has a good time and all goes well. We go to the library, he picks out 5 or so more VHS tapes on top of the 6 he checked out yesterday. Both him and I are having a good day. Then...I get a call from my job (in Arizona), a resident at one of the nursing homes has had a stoke. So, I run out the door once my dh comes home from work and get there at 5:35 pm. Well, I visit with a 95 year-old woman for an hour or so, help her eat, check her ability to safely swallow food, ask her a lot of questions. I have her look at a book with some line drawings...poor lady...she can't even label the picture of the bed...which is the easiest item on the test. Oh, dear...situations like this make me feel so bad. Now I have a lot of work in front of me because I will see her 5 times a week for the next month. I got home right as the kids were falling asleep...both were crying a bit because I wasn't home to tuck them in. So, that's my day and tonight I am going to go to sleep being thankful for the unpredictable, yet stable life I have. Thanks for putting up with my late night ramblings!

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